Sunday, February 6

orange suns and snowmelt

in seattle, last october

I went to the art museum this afternoon ~ an afternoon of sunshine and silhouette trees, of orange suns and reflections sparkling on the river, of snowmelt and puddles. It felt of spring. I've been noticing subtleties lately, reading In Praise of Shadows, remembering looking at Giotto in Assisi, and Paul Klee in Switzerland, and dreaming again of visiting other countries and being intrigued by other places.

I got to experience that today, peering in at wood paneled rooms moved in entirety from an ancient England, watching the drip-drip of water into the rock cleansing basin at the Japanese tea house. The stone Buddha, smiling for a thousand years. The perfect fresh beauty of the 12th century turquoise Persian dish, set down by the artisan at some point 900 years ago and now there, in front of me, as if time blinked. Imagining how people used to live, seeing the detail of things hundreds of years old as if they were made yesterday, and being awed and inspired by the history of humankind.

It's pretty affirming. Makes me glad to be here doing my thing, just like they all did. Living day to day, looking for the beauty and focusing on the pith of life, as much as I am able. I probably won't be leaving anything behind to last for a thousand years, but I'm happy to be here now, looking forward to when this sand mandala will be made near by me, to making amaranth popcorn, and trying my hand at a flourless lemon torte. ( ~ any ideas on where to find a good recipe?)

What's making you happy to be here lately?