Sunday, February 6

sunshine and primroses

studio desk last autumn

It seems lately that most of my posts here are written in front of the fire with the cat stretching her furry little white legs by my side. It's quite late at night; the dog is asleep in a strange position, kind of like a trussed up chicken. She seems comfortable with it. Much of Tim's and my entertainment around the house involves one or the other of us dragging the other by the sleeve to go look at something one of the pets is doing. Like yesterday ~ the cat was having her Zen moment in the sun amongst the St-John's-wort and the enormous snowdrifts. (side note: Mimi needs her Zen moment each day, otherwise she gets cranky. Cranky includes ambushing the dogs and/or keeping them prisoner in the kitchen by sitting in the doorway.)

I hear it's going to be sunny tomorrow and I am going to soak it in ~ I have a new white primrose in a yellow pot on the windowsill. It looks so fresh and feels like spring. When I can leave the house without tripping over an icy snowdrift I will be contented. I'm going to take myself to the art museum in the afternoon and possibly out to breakfast on the way.

Are you doing anything special for your sunday?