Thursday, March 3

abundant sunshine

somer's kitchen

The house is coming together slowly ~ we are finding mellow spots in the chaos. I do not deal well with mess and wish everything was tidy and in its place. When I trip over something I feel like my mind is tripping over it too. Last night we reached a point in the clearing up and putting things back where we finally just left the house and went to see The King's Speech. (very good.) I also hung the show yesterday and go back tomorrow for finishing touches. It feels very vulnerable seeing so much of my work officially on display.

The above photo is so peaceful to look at. (I made that glass vase in college, and she takes such good care of it! I visit it like it's a pet.) I keep trucking along trying to get my kitchen to line up with that sense of peace.

Other items of interest ~

1. The weather forcast for today is "abundant sunshine!"
2. We got a dishwasher and are remembering how to use/ load it after at least a 10 year hiatus each.
3. I found a huge amazing wool rug at the thrift shop yesterday ~ mostly purples. Gorgeous. 
4. Butcher block countertops make everything you place on them look good.
5. We are picking out the paint for the kitchen today...
6. And decided to get another truckload of firewood since, although spring is 3 weeks away, it got down to 22* F last night!

Right now the prisms are casting morning rainbows, and Lucy is giving me the eyes to be taken for a  a walk. I'm off, then!

What's been brightening your days lately?