Thursday, March 17

dinner is so much better after gardening

~ view from the studio porch ~ 

Thank you for all your compliments about the kitchen! We have done our fair share of gasping too as one by one everything came together. Wanting to have a hand in things, we found our sink on Craigslist (about 2 years ago: it's for an RV!), treated the wood counters ourselves, and painted the walls, cabinets and baseboards ourselves too. The main element was to be the arch ~ I am so pleased with how it turned out. With how everything turned out.

Might I add that Tim designed the kitchen layout. This whole thing was really his baby.

Today's warm stillness drew me out into the garden where I planted collards, spinach, turnips and lettuce. A lot is sprouting up ~ chamomile, fennel, chives, and the garlic that I brought back from Seattle and planted in the fall. I love coming in from the garden, scratched and dusty, showering, putting on fresh clothes and getting some dinner together. Now we actually have room to spread out!

I think I'll make biscuits.