Tuesday, March 8

getting there

in somer's kitchen

There's something so beautifully tidy yet picturesquely ramshackle about Somer's cabinets. They make me feel like I'm in France. It's like a still life by Morandi. There's something about teacups dangling by their handles that gets me every time. And no, her cabinets aren't really on a slant, it's my picture-taking eye that seems to be.

On another kitchen-related note, our new dishwasher makes a noise like a far off ocean bell buoy as it gently cleans and chimes our stemless wine glasses.

Yesterday I painted the kitchen with two coats of white paint. I got so much done I even hung some framed stuff. Pretty soon we'll be all done in there and I can show you. I'm going to take it slow until it's all done. Some projects you just can't force. (what can you force, really? hmm. food for thought. for me.)