Tuesday, March 1

over a cuppa

I spent a couple of days last week near Boston visiting a very dear friend, Somer. Our friendship is ever better as we grow older, even as our personal life experiences range more broadly. During my visit we caught up, sipping pot after pot of tea, chatting in a way that's not really possible on the phone. There's something so nourishing about woman-talk; sharing those thoughts and hopes; ironing out those loose ends, confiding fears thereby lessening them. Sipping a hot drink and baking bread, making soup, reading for an hour, or going out for some fresh air. There's a fortifying energy in a true friendship connection, something to count on, to trust in. It takes so much intention but it lets one be oneself in a way that's truer than doing it alone. The best friendships feel fresh.

I hope you have at least one friend like that.

And happy march! We made it.