Monday, March 21

spring cleaning

stone water basin, portland japanese garden

Upon entering a japanese garden, you first rinse your hands and your mouth in a ritual gesture of cleaning both inside and outside. Leaving your impurities behind, you enter physically and symbolically cleansed.

When springtime comes and I start spending large amounts of time outside, I come back in after a long day and marvel at my wintery ability to spend so much time in the house. Returning inside feels claustrophobic, stifling. I've felt recently that a good cleaning was in order.

So last night I decluttered. I made a cup of cherry juice and seltzer, put on a good book on cd, and let the dog out into the moonshiny garden. And as I decluttered I checked on the big moon outside, and thought about the full moon rising over the mountains on Saturday night as I warmed by a creekside bonfire, watching the flames and the moonlight ripple on the water.

I kept asking myself, is dusting and caring for this item worth keeping me from doing more things like that? It feels cleansing for me both inside and outside to declutter. It's eye-opening to see the emotional responsibility I feel towards my objects, and to think about why I buy things and what kind of things I choose to have around me.

I'm continuing to clean out things today ~ I'm going now to tackle the studio, which is filled with much flotsam and jetsam. I have a candle lit and a big pot of tea at the ready, along with a quiche hot from the oven for lunch.

Good luck with your Monday projects, and Happy Spring!