Monday, April 11



Most of the fun of working with a polaroid camera is when the picture develops ~ they are magic in the hand. I've been working on a new polaroid series featuring my large yet tiny collections. Hopefully I'll have more to share soon! Words to shoot by is up, and you can see what I'm working with there.

Today is supposed to be 80*, and I feel like I'm on a holiday since I got that speaking gig finished on Saturday (45 people showed!) ~ I'll be working in the garden and also in the studio. The hops are waving around by my knees outside, begging for a trellis, and the poppies are sprouting like green strings. The turnips are coming up but I'm perplexed on how much to thin them, and I hope my big lavender recovers after the severe pruning I gave it. Last night I was in the back yard when I spotted a few golden clouds rising over the roof, so I went onto the upper porch and the clouds against the setting sun took my breath away. I sat down to watch, and that was the first time I've done that this year: just relaxed to watch the sunset.