Friday, April 22

ephemera of sharkstooth

That sharkstooth is one of my collection from growing up in florida; I was just learning to scuba dive when we moved. I was 12. I know that I would have had a whole different set of skills if we had stayed down there ~ I would have grown up near the ocean and the pines, knowing a whole different set of facts about a whole bunch of different birds. I have memories of rivers, manatees, water moccasins and that panther that my dad saw once when he was camping on the river. When Tim and I drove down to Venice two years ago, I hadn't been back in 20 years. I had visceral responses to the spanish moss, the orange groves, and the air plants. I looked for shark fins like I used to do. I felt the thrill again of seeing alligators in the wild. I'm glad that part of my life has been opened to me again.

Tomorrow will land me on a gulf coast beach once more, the coastline of my youth.

I'm really looking forward to getting there.