Sunday, April 3

fireside to train station

mimi enthroned
~ Mimi on Somer's lap, fireside ~

Somer's short visit came to an end with a chocolate chip cookie, a leisurely ride to the train station, and the lend of an Agatha Christie paperback to entertain her until she arrived back in Cambridge late last night. It is always such a pleasure to play host to a good friend, and to see my house through someone else's eyes. It feels so balancing to have another woman around too: I've said it before, bless the men in our lives, but sometimes a lengthy woman-chat is just what's needed.

After I dropped her off, I came back home thinking of pancakes. So Tim and I made warm quinoa and blueberry ones with Vermont maple syrup for dinner, the cat on my knee playing her grumbly inner harmonica. Stars I couldn't see hovered just outside the reflections in the dark night windows. I stared into the fiery dragon stare of the stove and remembered last summer and its foggy lakeside evenings, its campfire-cooked dinners (always 3 courses), and time spent listening to the sound of the sunset. I've been thinking ahead to when "everything is on its way but not quite there: every flower, every vegetable, every blade. Every nest is finished, and one is just beginning to find those turquoise halves of robin's eggs all over the place."* When sunshine is the norm and sweaters become an evening pleasure instead of a morning necessity.

Every so often Tim would interrupt my inner conversation to ask things like How do you spell sitar? as he played games of Scrabble on his phone. It's a personal challenge of mine to answer as quickly as possible. I am almost always correct. I read books like a fish swims. Yet he almost always beats me at Scrabble.

This morning I brought the adirondack chairs up from the basement where we store them for the winter, noting in the garden journal that the hops are 32 inches shorter than they were at this time last spring! The prisms were casting off rainbows and gliding along with an unstoppable soft march over picture frames and dogs, moving as slowly as the sun moves across the sky. I took a stroll online, following my fancies and going on little road trips with people I wish I knew, stumbling over poems and then finding myself on strange inviting lanes. I put on a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young record and think that tonight I may finish watching the Woodstock documentary. Today is a day to do all of the things I like.


I've also spent some time this weekend adding some things here to make this space easier to navigate. You can now search my blog and find things through my tags (polaroid, camping, recipes...) I've also written a page about myself, and another about my artwork. You can see these changes at the top of my blog under the banner, and in the sidebars. Hopefully it'll streamline things a bit.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

*from Spiderweb for Two, by Elizabeth Enright