Thursday, April 14

in need of a bit of advice

~ the magnolias are magnificent! ~

We currently have jackhammers in the street in front of our house, so I will be absenting myself from the premises ~ but before I go, I have a technical question I though some of you might have valuable input on: 

1. What photo printer do you know/love/hate/recommend? I'm getting so frustrated with my photo lab guys I am looking into printing high quality photo prints myself, at home ~ this would be so much easier and allow me a much larger variety to offer.

And that leads me to the next question ~

2. Do you know/love/hate/recommend a particular type of photo scanner? What would be a really great one to purchase? I have a little dinky one but I need one of good enough capability to print from the scans.

Thank you in advance. :)

Enjoy the magnolia trees, and your jackhammer-free day. (Consider me jealous.)