Monday, April 18

on the horizon, camping looms

~ photo of me canoeing taken by tim ~

in my ring

In sorting through some photos, I found a few more of us camping last summer (which spanned posts here, here and here.) They seem to be mainly of Tim because if there were good ones of me, believe me, I've posted them somewhere already. Going camping again soon is right on the tips of our tongues ~ we're just waiting for the stars to align, and one day very soon we'll probably both think of it on the same morning, and the subject will get brought up, and before we know it we'll be pouring tea into our travel mugs, loading the tent and extra sweaters into the car, the dogs will be bouncing because they know, I'll be hemming and hawing over which cameras to take, bananas and wool socks will be packed, paperbacks selected, favorite pens remembered, shampoo will be poured into tiny travel bottles, and we'll fold ourselves into my Volvo station wagon to hit the road again, hearkening the call of damp forests, chilly lakeside mornings, toadstools, moths, woodpeckers, and the snores of napping dogs.

I'm getting chills just thinking about it. When we camp, we are our best, most alive selves.