Tuesday, April 5

she rocks that hat


Last night's pale blue sky studded with swift flying birds pooled pinkly over the horizon, and I sat in the garden watching the daffodils glow in the dusk. The dogs grazed contentedly on pieces of grass at my feet. I wrote a letter or two and just sat and tried not to do much except observe and think.

This morning's rain lifted the white bedroom window curtain in gentle waving gusts and took all the energy out of the dogs, who lay on their beds like damp sweaters. Diamond drops cluster on the downstairs windows and the sunshine has a silvery feel. I can practically feel the rain unfurling the seeds and stretching out stems. 

I have a few more polaroids to share here from Somer's visit ~ like the one above. Doesn't she rock that hat? She'd just picked it up at the thrift shop and popped it onto her head and viola! I didn't realize I'd taken so many polaroid portraits of her and Tim, but quite a collection is growing!

Well, today is a day for dreaming, for errands, and for work. I better get moving.

Enjoy your day!