Sunday, April 17



I have a new body of work coming very soon! It is making my heart so light to work on it. It feels like the culmination of so many things are centering on this series ~ my interests, recent events, and a whole bunch of snowball effects.

If my car hadn't broken that water pump between this day and this, I wouldn't be doing this...If, and if...

And so on and so on it goes. It is rare that I recognize so many threads of thought leading me to one point of action ~ usually I'm just keeping my head above water, but this feels like floating. If I don't grab it too hard it sort of skims along and if I'm good, and don't look at it straight on but sort of out of the corner of my eye (not to scare it off), and reach out and grab the tail feathers as it swoops by, I can manage to keep up. I may not understand what's happening, or where I'm going (why do I try so hard to?) but I'm getting somewhere I want to be.

Hope you are too. :)