Tuesday, April 12

stove-top popping

~portrait of Somer's cat Tiberio ~

Tiberio is a whimsical cat ~ a sensitive little fellow who shied at the click of my polaroid camera and caused his own portrait to have wings ~ how appropriate since he would fly away when startled if he could.

I'm having a fly-away day too, startled by the complexities of many areas of my life hitting and richocheting off each other, and me in the middle remembering that this too shall pass. As it always does.

I have two sweet new cacti on my windowsill ~ it took all my resolve not to buy more (I can imagine a whole windowsill full) but I think I'll just try my hand at these first. There's definitely a person inside of me who would have windows full of ferns and about 10 more cats, some goats and a yard full of chickens: she lives happily right alongside the part of me who would own no plants or pets and travel all the time. Anyhow ~ it's been almost 20 years since I owned a cactus! I do quite well with my jade, my aloe, and our indoor tree, though, so have high hopes. Tonight we are sitting in front of the fire eating freshly popped popcorn ~ made with my thrifted stovetop popper ~ my first attempt ever and it turned out deliciously. The rain is bouncing on the stove pipe outside, and Donovan is begging. Half the fun of making fresh popcorn, it turns out, is scattering some on the floor and watching the dogs find every piece.