Thursday, April 21


We leave for a wedding in florida in two days, so lately has been a slow procession of last minute burnishings, clearings, and tidyings. I like the fluster that a trip causes ~ making the house a welcome place to walk back into, thinking over ideas the traveling process roils up, and enjoying favorite homey habits that I won't be doing for a few days. I also took out some books from the library for the plane, the beach, and reading before bed in our inn.

The blue anemones I brought back from seattle have bloomed, my new printer and scanner have arrived and might just stay in their boxes until I return, and I have been called to the window multiple times by the pip of the courting cardinals.

The above photos were taken in Vivienne's Wading In e-course, which I'm finding really fun (there are a few spots open still if you are interested!) ~ also, words to shoot by is having a rare open call for entries: if you are up for shooting how you interpret habit, give it a try! I'd love to see you there.