Thursday, April 28

we're back (sunburnt) and it's raining here

this photo arranged by me, taken by tim

There's so much to tell of the beauty of florida, and of the beach, but here's where I'll begin...

We returned home last night, hoping the car would still be in the lot, because just as we arrived at the airport on saturday, my window got stuck in the down position (my volvo has over 135, 000 miles on it), and we had to leave it like that, first packing the window with anything waterproof and emptying everything out of the car (into our suitcase) in case it got stolen. We left with a laugh and tried not to think about it. It was still there when we got back last night around midnight ~ and the weather was warm and not raining, so things are good!

Our garden has grown biceps. The hops are over 6 feet tall, the bulbs from seattle have sprouted crimson amongst the lemon thyme, the lawn is waving around the knees of the adirondack chairs; everything is stunning. The cat is overjoyed to have us home. I missed her, and at some point swimming in the gulf I even looked down and found a cat hair on my bathing suit.

I appreciate that my aloe plant is doing well, for we need it sorely for our unintended sunburn.

It is so good to be home.