Monday, May 16

as per usual

polaroid from last thursday ~ tea and camping

heating on a pot of freshly boiled tea

heating the polaroid on a freshly boiled pot of tea to bring up the warm colors

Last night's moon rose pink and almost full in the lavender sky as the day turned from moist and humid to a deliciously chilly temperature. I put on a sweater.

The rain had fallen all day and at times the sun broke through to dash upon the drops and polish them like sharp crystals. I planted tomatoes and split my herbs among the garden stepping stones in the pauses, soaking the hems of my loose cotton "weekending" pants, the cat always at my side. Hummingbird nectar got made and put out, and a check in the garden journal showed that on this day last year, I saw my first hummer in the garden.

The house is also now cleaned (somewhat) and so then my mind is too (somewhat) ~ the two go hand in hand. Lists have diminished or disappeared altogether and a confused morning gave way to a serene evening (as per usual.)

How was your weekend?