Tuesday, May 3

florida was


Turquoise doors on whitewashed walls, silvery-blue trees like lollipops, white adirondack chairs by yellow lantana, pelicans over the pool, and brown chamelions under the shrubbery. The beach is a wonderful place to tattoo-watch ~ I saw many, many insect tattoos (which were all butterflies), but my favorite was the girl in the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini with flames on her calves and hips, and wings across her shoulders.

Each morning my day would crunch into a complex raveling of spf-application, tea-searching, fruit-finding and sunglasses-losing, until we'd get ourselves out of our room and I'd brush the sand off my journal, find my favorite pen, gather my book, and go down to the beach and stare at the ocean for a while. Later in the day was taken up with wedding things (which is why we were down there) but the afternoons and mornings were for fresh warm air, as much as possible straight on my skin, and people-watching ~ that quiet girl eating fish and chips from a green checked box, wearing a black jersey dress, blue kerchief around her neck ~ tendrils of sun-whitened hair escaping from her bun...

Despite the copious application of spf, which makes me feel as airless as that gold-painted girl from Goldfinger, we got quite sunburned on the third day, lulled into laziness after going into the surf, spotting the sleek rubbery backs of the impossible dolphins, watching the clear green tubular fish and the white ibises flying overhead, and gazing long at a stingray whose outlines were blurred by the waves.

The blue sky had a faintly gold wash to it and a few pale clouds like tiny feathers hung immobile in the westorn horizon, turning from white to gold and then to pink.*


...I love my new scanner ~ thank you all for your input. I hope soon to tackle my printer and get more prints in the shop.

*from How to shoot an amateur naturalist, by gerald durrell