Tuesday, May 24

this is spring water

my sharkstooth collection

He draws his strength from the soil of his own nature and his life experience. This is spring water.

What a beautiful way to describe someone's work. I'm reading The unknown craftsman, a japanese insight into beauty.* 

Tim and I walked after dinner tonight, a leisurely neighborhood walk where I pretend I'm redoing all the gardens of the houses and all the crepuscular animals are out and we occasionally spot a piece of the smouldering setting sun in the trees. We saw rabbits running and stood still, and they forgot us and ran after each other, playing a sort of tag without "it" on the front lawns of a quiet street.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing the poems on my desk so that when I open the door, the wind does not blow them away.

Anything interesting happen for you lately?

*by Soetsu Yanagi