Tuesday, May 31

shop update & a giveaway

polaroid prints

new polaroids in the shop!

Yesterday's holiday picnic took place in the woods at my uncle's house ~ a scarlet tanager showed up and pretty soon the lot of us were standing on the drive below the tree while the bird flashed crimson in the sunlight as it chased caterpillars high above.

I've never seen one before.

In honor of my first sighting of the scarlet tanager, I'm offering a free 5 x 5 print of this polaroid ~

~ to one lucky person who leaves a comment telling me which is their favorite bird. Giveaway ends wednesday at midnight.

also ~ I have a bunch of new polaroid prints in the shop, and from now on, I can print any photo you see on this blog or on my flickr. (just an fyi if you see something you want to live with.)

happy tuesday!!

x brooke