Saturday, May 7

everything was pleasant that day somehow


wasp paper, seed pod, acorn, painted seed, feather,
native american shell amulet, book ladder, polaroid
on black velvet

Everything was pleasant that day somehow. There are some days like that, you know, when everything goes well from the very beginning; all the things you want are in their places, nobody misunderstands you, and all that you do turns out admirably.*

There are butterflies in the garden, the lavender is green, and the studio is cleaned. A fresh glass of kombucha is at my elbow along with a good book, and my feet are ankle deep in our patch of lawn out back, which is thick with clover and dotted with pets.

While at the thrift shop this week I found a book on hummingbirds ~

hummingbird nest


And on a garage sale hunt today I picked up a beautiful Singer sewing machine for a song; the lady's daughter was there to show me how it worked ~ she had learned to sew on it and had just bought a fancier one. It is a lovely white with a cast-iron base. I need one of my own for some of my artwork and to sew drawstring bags like my grandmother used to ~ I have a gorgeous piece of thrifted linen just waiting to be made into something beautiful.

I also found a double pack of Polaroid 600 expired film. I tell you this to give you hope; the old pola film can still be found out there ~ on some unexpected saturday I hope some waits for you.

Due to some happy responses, I'm extending my snail mail invite, so if you would like to receive a postcard from me, email your address to me here ~ flypeterfly AT hotmail DOT com ~ by monday night and I'll send you something cheery!


You can also find me doing a guest interview over here on the lovely Amanda Johnson's blog, here's looking at me, kid. I had a lot of fun doing it and share about my work, my inspirations, how I got started doing what I do, and what happens to all my old cereal boxes.

* from the enchanted castle, by e. nesbit
**photo credit george d. lepp