Monday, May 9

watching the thousand rainbows glide

Express yourself completely, then keep quiet.

~ the Tao

Arising early-for-me this morning, I made cinnamon rolls for our monday breakfast ritual, moving the 35mm film canisters to get to the yeast on the fridge shelf, scattering the dough with chopped walnuts and brown sugar and rising it in the sun. So delicious. I told tim to arrive at the table at 10 ready to eat and with a cheerful disposition, which he did (he is not a morning person.)

I have been waking incrementally earlier myself, loving the light in the garden which I peer at, listening to all things bird, and watching the thousand rainbows glide along the walls from the glass chandelier which I found at someone's curb last week on trash day and took apart.

The other day I stumbled across a fabulous old copy of The Borrowers, which reminded me of the copy I read as a teenager. I get very attached to my first reads and don't like new editions or changed illustrations, so am always on the lookout for old and worn-in books to add to my stacks. This book had the same wonderful font and old bendy heft which I associate with that story, and when I flipped to the back page, it was stamped with the name of my old library. I think it is the same book.


I shot some new polaroids this week for the new words to shoot by, came across this lovely post about collecting and gathering tendencies, kind of want to get another tattoo after reading this post, (what tattoos?) and I'm still tickled about the guest interview with Mandi.

I found out this weekend's newspaper held a nice review of my show! I am, needless to say, so pleased, and a friend has promised to send me a copy since I don't get the newspaper. I just brought what's left of the show home in boxes and tissue paper, and some will go into my shop, others will go back up on my studio walls, and some will get packed away for my solo show coming up this fall in Harrisburg.

Life is ebullient! Hope you are finding that true as well.

xo brooke