Sunday, June 19

cardigans at dusk and solstice plans

All day I've been working on little things,
eating watermelon, and finally tidying.
I listened to this interview with Cary Grant's daughter
on what it was like growing up with him,
and I've been dusting and clearing space
for beautiful collections like this,
walking the dog ~ every little yappy dog is out today,
and that little boy who patted her quickly before I could tell him
that Lucy is shy with strangers.

Tuesday is our anniversary of four years
and we are going camping for one night
and this morning at our favorite brunch place, eating quiche lorraine,
we planned.

We don't do much for our anniversary,
because we don't hold back on fun things on most days in general,
but we try to always cook something delicious and from scratch that day.

We're bringing our one-person canoe,
and I think I may not bring any books to read at all,
just plan on sitting and thinking and letting everything
get worked out in that stirring-together-ingredients
kind of way it does when it's not being distracted.

I may bring some Mary Oliver ~ I savor good poetry slowly and look up often, so that doesn't count.

I'm so happy it's summertime (almost)
and just the right temperature
but still cool enough for a cardigan at dusk.

We'll have a fire on the solstice evening,
and may possibly go river-swimming on the way home.

And I think I'll bring chocolate cake.