Monday, June 13

chamomile and meandering walks


The turnips are blushing in the earth, ready to be plucked and mashed, and the chamomile is flowering heartily ~ I pick what blooms each day, to dry for tea.

I still need to plant beets and basil ~ do you grow anything in your space?


There's the polaroid still cold from the freezer where I popped it to pull out that wonderful purple.

I've been waking earlier in the mornings and sometimes sit out in the backyard reading ~ I can't wait until we have some real land one day for me to do something with.

I've also been taking meandering walks, just around block or down the street, for no reason but to get some fresh air ~ and when I saw the neighbor's just-washed white laundry out the other day, I turned straight for home to get my sx-70 and snuck a shot as I walked by, hoping they wouldn't see me out the window.

That polaroid charms me in so many ways.

Tim gets home tonight, perhaps sooner than I had even hoped. It's just not the same around here without him. I like my solitude but things are becoming tinged with hues of lonely.

When lonelieness comes stalking, go into the fields, consider
the orderliness of the world. Notice
something you have never noticed before *

I came across that piece of poem this morning, and I do plan on a little field-walking, a little orderliness of dish and sheet and home. Tim and I have begun looking for a new used house, something old or different, with land ~ trees and birds and as many windows will fit in the house; a place to grow a huge garden, with no thought to tidiness. Room for chickens and perhaps, eventually, a horse, bees and berry bushes, fruit trees ~ and Tim has requested a space just for chopping wood. I want a white garden to sit in at dusk or midnight, and bat-houses, woodpeckers and orioles. We are so limited here, although we have done so much. I feel ready to hatch out of this tightening chrysalis. This picture makes me dream ~ these houses are so inspiring.

I have been distracting myself by skipping through these closet visits (I may add reorganizing my jewelry drawer to the day's plans), and think I may need to polish up my occasional braids a little bit. There are always some terrific polaroids out there as well ~

And I wanted to share two posts which have encouraged me lately ~ liz's post on noticing, and maddie's on being out of sorts and clearing space. That last touched me especially ~ what do you do when the chocolate and the "positive outlook" aren't working? Lately I've just been chugging onwards, trying to be appreciative while noticing what I have, and waiting for that tide to turn.

* the leaf and the cloud, mary oliver