Saturday, June 11

cooling off


Woke up this morning luxuriantly in the chill of a dawn rainfall. Everything is new and green. The finch nestling is squeeking. Birdsong is rampant. Someone outside is whistling. Both dogs have been walked and I think I'll take myself out to breakfast. Solitary camping is as-of-yet still undecided.

Sometimes the weekend comes just at the right time.

I am feeling grateful for raindrops on my banana plant leaves, red-headed birds shaking their feathers at the feeder, tired walked-out dogs, cooling air, my blue candle burning in the dimness of the room, fried potatoes, chamomile blooms, flowering clover, a blue vase of sunflowers, new postcards, quiet, cardigans on chilled arms, salt on hard boiled eggs, warm moccasins, jersey skirts, red raspberries and old worn paperbacks.

*portrait of madelyn mulvaney
from seattle last fall