Thursday, June 2

crack of dawn & a thirsty squirrel

A spate of 97*F days have passed, and this morning I awoke unexpectedly and irrevocably at 6 and came out here into the garden to enjoy a bit of a birdy morning ~ robins passing to and fro in a flutter, the cardinals perching on the chairs waiting for the squirrel to finish her drink. A cooler front has blown in and it feels once more like a proper spring. The blue of my cornflowers are like pieces of dusk. Little sunflowers are popping up below the feeder. I'm thinking on bees.

Extreme heat makes me pretty useless ~ I'm so grateful the heat wave has passed. My list for today is filling up satisfyingly. 


The randomly-picked winner of the polaroid print is ~ 

I'll send it off to you straightaway, nancy!

Thank you all for your bird stories.