Friday, June 10

clutter and hailstones

my friend somer's pantry
I love her pantry ~ it's like a morandi painting

I've been awaiting inspiration or perhaps a poetic bolt from the blue, which has not been forthcoming. My life is filled with special tidbits of all shapes, sizes, colors ~ but without a very cohesive center to things right now. I have a desire to go river-swimming, have packaged and sent off my work to the Oo Gallery for the bOok exhibit opening soon, and am hoping the hummingbirds return presently to my backyard. 

Yesterday was spent cloistered in my studio, the only room in the house with a/c, in an attempt to avoid the incredible heat wave which has been permeating this area. Last night's thunderstorm turned into mostly lightning and didn't do much to break the heat, while dropping hailstones the size of junior mints in towns nearby. I watched the rain come from the window of The Trolley Car Diner where I ordered comfort foods and read my book while watching the lightning flash out in the stormy evening sky. Tim is in tennessee until monday dealing with the heat down there at the great music festival.

I'm now on my way to the art museum for an hour or two ~ it's nice to live so close ~ and want to escape the bulldozers drawing near (I got woken by a door-pounding at 7:30 to move my car.)

The idea that a solo camping venture to the cooling woods might be appropriate this weekend is beginning to take root in my mind...