Wednesday, July 20

nature dreams sea

full moon

full moon

waiting for the moonrise
over the ocean ~
(why isn't the beach packed with people?)
the gulls are hanging and hunting
over the curling surf
and patches of foam are pink from the setting sun

slowly, slowly the tide is coming in
birds float by as if a pair of wings
were the easiest thing in the world

suddenly tim pointed, 'there'
and a tiny piece of horizon glowed
and the moon birthed itself from the sea
as simple as anything,
oblong and perfect

it floated and hovered
and the blue earth turned under it

the full moon over the sea
casting quicksilver and mercury
onto night waves

it seemed a place of magic
and I imagined how easy,
in ancient times,
it would've been
to imagine there was a path
over the sea
and that the light would hold me up