Friday, July 22

road trips and water delving

taken from the kayak

I went to kripalu for a few days. I've only been a few times but each time heals and sets me clear on the life I have and re-centers my focus. I have a few different places like that, each available at different times if I need them. Most involve being near water and having plans to gorge on reading and to delve.

Most involve a road trip.

I came home to heat in the 100*'s. The garden is an unruly mess, the studio simply boiling, and we finally put an a/c in downstairs after 5 years.

I made hummingbird nectar and kombucha. I cut back the pumpkin vine growing out of the compost. I took things off the walls and enjoyed the empty space. I gave the birds seed and the dogs peanut butter, scanned polaroids and unpacked.

It's good to go away because it's so good to come back home.