Monday, July 11

the shared not-aloneness

Thank you all so much for your incredibly generous and comforting comments on my last post. I treasure each of your well-wishes and each of the emails arriving, one by one, just when I needed it, to share a story or hold the space.

Yesterday I took a deep breath, and realized I had not taken one in days. I'm just breathing for myself now.

If I had broken a limb, I would have a cast. An operation leaves a visible scar. There is a ring for a wedding ceremony. But nothing shows for this. Most of what occurred was emotional and private. We as a culture have no recognizable mark to hail the invisible start of a mother.

And yet I feel a sense of shared not-aloneness, and it makes a chemical difference to me. I treasure each word you all wrote, and the spirit in which it was written.

x brooke