Sunday, July 24

you can pick the lilies

lake mahkeenac at kripalu

While I was at kripalu, I went kayaking, and while I was floating in the lake of lilies and trying to take a polaroid (difficult, as the kayak kept being blown away in the wind), a fellow kayaker kept calling to me that I could pick the lilies. I nodded at her, hoping she would quiet without a response, but she told me repeatedly and excitedly, 'you can pick them! you can pick the lilies!' I thought the lilies were beautiful where they were, and did not pick any. When I got back to the boathouse I saw that she had picked an armful and they were gorgeous lying there in a bright tangle.

It did not seem that they would ever fade.

In a way, that's why I take photographs. It is my way of picking the lilies.