Saturday, August 27

battening down the hatches

tim last week at the cabin

We are battening down the hatches here as we prepare for the mighty storm to arrive. The neighbor across the street, I can see from my studio window, is tying his grill down with a rope. Right now a pleasant sideways rain is falling and the wind hasn't really picked up yet. There won't be a sunset. In preparation for a few days indoors (with maybe a few rain-walks), this morning I went to the pond and watched turtles.

They will probably not mind the winds.

Tim is talking about starting the wood stove, just to take the chill off, and is presently working on the backsplash over the kitchen sink. I'm ensconced cozily in my studio, which received a major tidy-up after coming home from vacation. There's nothing like spending a week away from things at home to make me realize I can let go of some things I was holding on to.