Tuesday, August 30

the imaginary photos

walking in ontario, taken by tim

Last winter, I put a roll of film into my old Pentax camera. Every so often, I would find it and snap a picture. I have about 6 cameras going at any one time, so there was no rush. Last week, I got to the end of the roll, all 36, and when I went to roll the film back I discovered that it had never caught. The whole roll had been an imaginary undertaking.

For some reason, I wasn't really bothered. I can, in fact, still remember some of those shots that weren't shots. One was a single mellow golden window lit in the very top of a dark house, in the blue hour of dusk. Another was a white plane contrail in a deep pink sky, the black fringes of trees just showing at the bottom. When I take film shots, I really make sure it is a shot I want. I walk about and arrange the composition exactly. I notice the colors, the light, the details. I absorb the place. In the end, I don't even really need the photo.