Wednesday, August 24

the makings of the perfect vacation

We spent the evenings while making dinner listening to canadian radio, which is so much more interesting than american, perhaps due to the accent, or the intriguing shows on native peoples, or the stations from montreal. I made my gramom's cake and two loaves of bread in the tiny kitchen listening to a french station I loved and the fact that I couldn't really understand much was trivial.

We experimented cooking with coconut milk, hiked to a bluff overlooking a beaver pond, counted 8 snake sightings during the week, and the raccoons ate the trash on the last night.

This is just the kind of vacation that we love. Lots of reading, relaxing, being outdoors, animal-watching, primitive living, good cooking, me toting a camera around, and hopefully a nice road trip to take us there.

I've been enjoying reading about your vacation experiences in the comments of the last few posts. What do you typically do on vacation? What makes the world seem perfect for you as you are away from home in a special place?

Just wondering.

x brooke