Friday, September 23

35mm + holga + ontario

all taken with my Holga when we were in canada

Another thing I love about non-digital film is that weeks later when you get the roll developed, you get to relive all those experiences that have passed, and re-enter that feeling again. (Although, as I was telling tim last night while we walked to 7-11 for ben & jerry's, digital film is like polaroid because it gives instant gratification, which is pretty enjoyable.) When we picked up the 2 packets of photos yesterday I held them in my lap for a little while as we drove home, before I opened them, because the anticipation was so sweet.

These are all taken with my cheap plastic Holga camera, which I've never used before. I had no idea what I was doing, had the settings wrong each time, doubly exposed shots unintentionally and am delighted with how things turned out. Oh, the power of the amateur!


Holga 135, Kodak Gold 200 film