Sunday, September 18

french toast, or the importance of ritual

Last night tim called me from his work ~ he's a nurse in the ER at a local hospital ~ and asked what I was doing this morning. French toast?, he asked. I acquiesced and he got off the phone and returned to the chaos of his surroundings and I returned to recovering from a three day visit to new york city. But we had french toast to look forward to.

Our special breakfasts. The importance of ritual.

french toast

He's at work or I'm at work and so we make these breakfasts to meet in the downtime ~ they are usually cobbled together at the last minute but we treasure them, and one of us turns on the stove and fills the electric kettle, while the other one asks which color plate do you want? and sets the table. Each movement a ritual in the whole event, which is cultivated to acknowledge that this is the moment, this is life. It's not just the food that nourishes.