Saturday, September 24

beet seeds between the raindrops

It has been raining like mad around here, but yesterday I got out and planted some beet seeds between the raindrops. When I look out the front door the street is flooded like a river.

In the mornings I've been trying to spend the first half hour in nature, whether that means a walk around the block or breakfast in the garden. Not doing much, not thinking about my day much, just soaking it in.

Today I spent the afternoon re-upholstering a pair of wooden stools I found at a curb down the street. We've been waiting for a set to turn up to put at our kitchen counter.

It's also time to bring out the fall sweaters, the danskos, the coats, the scarves. Time to add the woollies back into my wardrobe on evening strolls and running errands. I'm looking forward to being cozy.

Happy autumn! Do you do anything special to get ready for fall?

canon, canon 50mm lens, kodak gold 200 film