Monday, October 17

her house

jen's kitchen

jen's tea drawer

beet smoothie of a morning

rave presiding over tea

...was amazing. I love visiting friend's houses and seeing how their day-to-day is. There were hummingbirds buzzing through the backyard ~ hefty ones, not like the east coast's ruby throated miniatures. My room was a little bright back one by the garden under a roof overgrown with trumpetvine ~ over which I could hear the neighbor's cat quietly picking her way each night. Bougainvillea, roses and succulents lined the neighbors' yards, and the salt of the sea wafted all the way up the street, where we could watch a portion of the sun on the waves from her front porch. We walked down the beach to Santa Monica Pier and went on the ferris wheel, and at the top, I could imagine the coast as it would have been a thousand years ago, fierce waves and wind blurring the sunset into the mountains.

It was a home to come home to.