Saturday, October 29

the impossible, the impractical: my all

Thank you for your comments on the last post. I knew, of course, that I wasn't alone and your words made me both sigh and laugh. (Are we all crazy for trying so hard?) I've tried for a few days to write a post in response and the complexities of my thoughts have been canceling each other out.

I've been re-reading Plant dreaming deep by may sarton (poet), and Daybook by anne truitt (sculptor), intrigued with how they each constructed their days to be productive, work with energy's ebb and flow, and find the inspiration and wherewithal to follow their creative callings.

There are so many options in life ~ so many details to clear up, and I experience the feeling that I can and should be able to do that (since I'm aware of them), to the point where I get muddled because a part of me is saying enough and I'm not listening to it. It comes down to wanting to get it all done, feeling satisfied about it, and then being able to rest with a peaceful feeling.

Looking over it now, I see that's not possible or practical. All is one of those very demanding words: causes stress, anxiety, perfectionism. Not really where I want to be.


xo brooke