Sunday, October 2

portrait of a hummingbird

the hummingbird was there until the shutter clicked.

I sat in the adirondack chair over near the pine tree where the hummingbird feeder hung and read my book all morning, while the hummingbird flickered in and out. She would check me out and then sit on a little branch nearby, tiny and triumphant, fluffing her saucy feathers. Then I stood in front of the chair for about 10 minutes, holding my sx-70 plastered to my face and moving incrementally closer to the feeder until the hummingbird got accustomed to my presence standing so very close. I waited for her to come back and feed a few times and then, just as I had everything perfectly the way I wanted it, I took a polaroid.

I felt like a million bucks. I tucked the polaroid under my shirt as I always do to warm it up, and waited for a few minutes while it developed. Then I pulled it out.

She wasn't there. She was so quick that in the time between the button clicking and the shutter snapping, she flew away.

But the polaroid is still one of my favorites from the trip. A portrait of a hummingbird.