Tuesday, October 11

practically a full moon birthday

jen drinking tea on her front porch, in view of the sea

Mimi is seated between my knees and I can feel the purr in her throat. The past few days have been full but good. I have details to finish up for my solo show on the 21st (little details that don't take my whole brain, so I'm also half-watching the british cooking show/comedy Two Fat Ladies), I decided to repaint the bathroom (white), and today a fit of thrifting took me and I spent all afternoon gathering treasures from some of my favorite spots, unvisited for weeks.

Since I seem all full of action and not so many words, I wanted to share the beautiful writings that Jen and Kristen have shared about our californian adventures. (and Kristen made a video short of me playing with the campfire which I keep watching.)

I turn 34 today, at 2:20pm. If anyone is up for a happy postcard! from me this week, send your address to me at flypeterfly AT hotmail DOT com.

Tim and the dogs and I are going birthday camping just for tonight ~

xo brooke