Wednesday, October 26

well, that's the question, isn't it

I keep checking on the caterpillars.

How does one have a lovely tidy house (vacuum, laundry, dust, paint, arrange), a beautiful garden with plenty of vegetables (plant, weed, cook, compost, can, freeze), happy pets (feed, play, wash, walk daily), keep fit (greens, home-cooking, walk, yoga, meditation), have a healthy marriage (time together, time apart, good communication), keep up with friends and family (phone, letter, visit, dinner), do some traveling (fly or drive, price of gas, pets or no pets), and produce fine and mighty work in the studio (be inspired, create: sew, write, paint, polaroids, draw, collage, build; edit, preserve, frame, photograph, email, resume, show, sell, mail, packaging, paperwork, taxes)?

the new french press, tea only in this one please


And do it all to the best of how I know I could be doing it? Am I doing to much, and really, how does one stop when everything seems equally important?

holga, kodak gold 200 film

sea glass strands

A good life is a lot of work. There's simply so much to do. And not enough time. I feel like I'm always a step or two behind where I want to be. Going, going. Unsatisified about what I've accomplished, and yet not on top of what is to come. Often in a muddle (as Miss Honeychurch would say.)


I think I need the fresh air of some outside thoughts ~ how do you find or pursue balance in your life?

xo brooke