Saturday, November 5

fall is a heady draught


The last vestiges of summer are glorifying themselves into pure sunshine these days. Tim and I went for a hike this week, crunching through bracken and spotting white deer tails bounding away from our noise. We followed the horse hooftracks through the woods and the mud from all the recent rain was prodigious. At one point I looked down and there at my feet was a huge hawk feather. A kingfisher flew chattering down the river, and more than once we caught sight of the unexpected blood red of the woodpeckers. We spent a long time just tossing pebbles into the creek, listening to the different sproink!s they made.

The nights are cold and jupiter floats above. I go out each night to look for a moment at her, and her four moons, through my binoculars. It seems rather amazing that she's right there, real, with moons, just for the looking.