Sunday, November 6

sweet sweet home





Don't be fooled ~ my home is an absolute mess right now. Yesterday I found a blue velvet chair at the thrift shop and put it into the back of my car ~ trunk open, tied in with twine ~ for the ride home. It fit in like it was always here, and I keep nestling into it for a chapter or two. That seems more important than putting away 26 half-finished projects.

This morning we rolled out of bed, threw on our warm and woollies and went to our favorite spot for brunch. Tim tried the pumpkin french toast, I, the quiche lorraine. Then the dog got walked.

The sunlight is already fading, and that was our day.

I think I'll make a cup of tea, and tidy a bit. Although if blue velvet calls to me again, nothing much might get done.

xo brooke