Saturday, December 24

a bough for a tree, and later, quiche

guest room

The tree has been up for a few weeks ~ just after thanksgiving I found a huge 10 foot bough which had cracked off a tree and I carried it home, sawed a few feet off it, and put it up in a stand. The bottom is swathed in an antique crazy quilt and the branches are hung with my collection of glass ornaments, gifted from my mom or found at the thrift shops (and there was that year I found 35 of them out with the trash in a box on someone's curb.)

blueberry pancakes

The sun awoke me this morning and I came downstairs to let the sleepy dogs out, had a green smoothie and finished up Fanny at chez panisse while continuing I dreamed of africaI went for a very cold morning walk and came back to make banana-blueberry muffins while tim made pancakes. Carrying a baby makes me so starving these days and he is often pressed into cooking duty when I know what I want to eat but can't face making it. The house is filled with red velvet carnations in readiness for a friend visiting tomorrow for the week, and I need to make quiche crusts for christmas festivities today. This week has been very relaxed ~ I think I let a few things go and it feels wonderful. The stress is not missed.

christmas eve morning blueberry pancakes

I truly hope you have a wonderful evening, whatever you are doing and wherever you are. Enjoy the stars. Enjoy your friends or your family, your animals, your weather and I hope you feel cozy and find little happinesses.

xo brooke