Monday, December 5

brightness and light

sx-70 polaroid land camera, polaroid 600 expired film


the book, 40 years of chez panisse, is very good

I took a roll of film as well and am excited to drop it off tomorrow. Now home again, with interest in the home things, getting back into the studio, getting more work into my shop, catching up with letters and postcards.

We went for a hike today, through woods that were straight out of a fairy tale. The light was bright but overcast and diffused and all the colors were taupes and greys with rich spots of red leaves, magenta berries or purple vines. I kept expecting a centaur to crest the hill or the sound of dwarf-hammers to ring out. (Am I the only one who feels like I'm in Narnia sometimes on days like this?) The trail wound through thin tree trunks and over little creeks along a cliff edge lined with cedars. We put the doggy backpacks on the dogs because it's the hunting season and they trotted along willingly carrying our cast-off wristwarmers, hats and even my jacket. An impromptu picnic lunch in the woods (with sea salt and vinegar chips) finished off the walk in the fading light, and then we drove home.

xo brooke