Sunday, December 11

make your own luck

ecuadorian prosperity bowl
sx-70 camera, expired polaroid 600 film

This is an ecuadorian prosperity bowl. The black and red huayruro beans are kept in homes to promote abundance and good relationships. Seven of them are kept in a wooden bowl with dry rice grains, 7 monies found at random, along with a vase of water, a plant and a candle, representing the five elements (I love this stuff) of earth, wood, air, water and fire. (I made the sage stick from my garden for her.)

Somer gave me 7 beans to bring home to start my own prosperity bowl, and I have it all set up: a little bowl with my rice and all my tiny rocks with holes for extra luck. I just needed to find the monies and, oddly enough, I began to find single coins around the house, so I collected them, delighted that I was finding luck in my own home. Then, the other day, tim walks by in front of me, looks over his shoulder, and flips a single coin out of his pocket.

I'm pretty sure that's where all the coins came from.

Here're the rest of the 35mm film shots from my visit to her house last weekend ~

above and all following: canon camera, kodak gold 200 expired film


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