Thursday, December 1

raven feathers, shorebirds' plumes, whale's vertebrae

my friend jen tossing rocks for my 'throw' series, pacific ocean
polaroid 600 expired film

We decorated our new windowsillls with treasures found close about: raven feathers, tan and white shorebirds' plumes, glossy bits of lava, egg-sized chunks of pumice. A seal's jawbone with a curving canine tooth. Old green-glass fishnet floats, like the ones Nancy had seen for sale in an antique shop in Rekyjavík. We hung a horseshoe on the wall, placed a weathered oar on nails above a window.*

I loved reading that. They also had a whale's vertebrae as a stool. The fantastic realities of nature are big with me, too.

I'm off to Boston for a few days of fresh air and camaraderie with a friend. Much needed. Hope you all have a great week-finish and week-end! Happy december ~ can you believe it's already the end of the year? Are you looking forward to this season or do you dread it?

xo brooke

*from summer at little lava, by charles fergus