Tuesday, December 6

one of the most important things

sx-70 polaroid land camera, polaroid 600 expired film

As MJ said in yesterday's comments, ...the older I get the more I realize that distance needs to be less of an issue when it comes to good friends.

Good friends are really hard to come by. The kind where you don't have to wonder what they think of you, or if you said the wrong thing. Where when you get together, even if six months have passed, it feels like you might have left off just last evening. Where hard things can be said, if they need to be, because the truth is important, but compassion and loyalty are always there. They know your faults, and take them in stride, and they also know the little details that make you happy. They are there through all the other things that can loom so large and change so quickly. They mean delight and acceptance and challenge.

It's a rare thing, to be cultivated when found. It seems to me that friendship, that understanding connection, is one of the most important things.